Prof. Amal Kumarage, Dr. Saman Widanapathiranage and Mr. Sarath Jayatilaka's insights on $480 million MCC compact projects

The Advocata Institute hosted a public forum on the MCC compact “එම්.සී.සී. ගිවිසුම ගැන ඇත්ත නැත්ත” on the 19th of September, with the aim of separating fact from fiction around this hotly debated topic.

By 2030, the number of vehicles on our roads will triple. Prof. Amal Kumarage, the Head of the Dept of Transport and Logistics Management of the University of Moratuwa, emphasizes the immediate need to improve our public transport systems.

Colombo’s traffic problem has become a serious issue in the past few years. Dr. Saman Widanapathiranage, Deputy Director, Highway Designs at the RDA explains that by 2030, our average speed around Colombo will fall to at least 10 km/h.

Mr. Sarath Jayatilaka, Former Deputy Surveyor General, explains the $67 million land component of the MCC Compact.

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