Advocata ranked among the top 40 new think tanks in the world

Advocata Institute, Sri Lanka's free-market think tank has been ranked in the top 40 new think tanks in the world by University of 2016 Global Go To Think tank index report.  The rankings, which has been happening annually for the last 10 years is the largest study of it's kind and ranks think tanks globally.   Here's a report from the Daily Mirror:

According to the report, 14 think tanks are in existence in Sri Lanka. Worldwide 6486 think tanks working on an array of issues of interest in environment, economy, international affairs and etc. A Sri Lankan think tank Advocata Institute has been ranked 39th in the category of ‘Best New Think Tanks’ in the world. Advocata Institute is a young think tank formed in May 2016 working on Economic Freedom & Individual Liberty in Sri Lanka.

Their report on “State of State Enterprises” was an eye opener on the losses borne by the tax payers due to mismanagement by government and officials.  Professor Rohan Samarajiva, Professor Premachandra Athukorala, Professor Suri Rathnapala and Dr. Nishan de Mel are few top academics serve in their board of advisors.  Their public lecture series on ‘What’s wrong with Sri Lankan economy ‘and Op-eds in media got immense responses.  Regional Centre for Strategic Studies (SL) ranked 32nd in the Best Think Tanks in Southeast Asian Region and Institute for Policy Studies(SL) followed them in the 33rd Ranking. 132nd position in thecategory of Top Think Tanks Worldwide was taken by Regional Centre for Strategic Studies Sri Lanka. 

Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute for International Relations and Strategic Studies ranked 127th as the Top Foreign Policy and International Affairs Think TanksChatham House in the United Kingdom rated as the Best Think Tank in the world and the Heritage Foundation of United Sates named as the best Advocacy Campaign Think Tank

Here's the full link to the report.    Advocata is listed in the best new think tanks of 2016 category, which the report classifies as "centers of excellence":