National press coverage for Advocata Institute’s Launch and Report on SOEs

Advocata Institute’s launch event as well as the report on “The State of State Enterprises in Sri Lanka”, has been receiving national press coverage,  with several national daily and weekend newspapers carrying articles.

"The Advocata Institute is a new think tank formed by a group of Sri Lankans with an interest in promoting sound, liberal, economic policy. Advocata will publish reports on key areas for reform."   - Daily News
"The institute will be dedicated to economic development through free-markets and will promote sound policy ideas compatible with a free society in Sri Lanka, its officials said."      - Lanka Business Online
"In the last 10 years, six state enterprises - Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, Ceylon Electricity Board, SriLankan Airlines, Mihin Air and Sri Lanka Transport Board - lost Rs605 billion, a report compiled by Advocata Institute, a think tank focusing on economic freedom, showed" - Economy Next
"'So yes I would use the P (Privatization) without feeling embarresd about it' Prof. Razeen Sally said at the launching ceremony of the free market think tank "The Advocata Institute" last Thursday evening." - Ceylon Today
"Advocata, an independent policy think tank based in Colombo, is urging the government and the politicians to engage in an open discussion that at least keeps privatisation in the mix of policy options." - Sunday Times
"The opinion polls jointly conducted by the Business Times and the Research Consultancy Bureau under the BT-RCB tag came into focus at the launch of Advocata, an independent policy think tank, in Colombo on Thursday." - Sunday Times
"Over the next six months, the debt-ridden national carrier SriLankan Airlines is scheduled to go through a major restructuring process that will, hopefully, pave the way to implement a sustainable business model." - Sunday Observer
"The findings of a new Colombo-based think tank show that the absence of crucial financial details of most of the state-owned enterprises (SoEs) in the public domain is a major obstacle holding them accountable to the people, whose funds are invested in them." - Daily Mirror
"Further the Advocata Institute highlighted that although there are 245 State Owned Enterprises in the country, the General Treasury has summarized the financial information of only 55 Enterprises that are strategically important." - Daily News
"As Sri Lanka plans to draw inspiration from the Singapore-styled Temasek Holdings in managing the continuously loss-making state-owned-enterprises (SOE), the island nation should look to place only selected SOEs in the event such a state-owned investment company is set up and not all of them, a top Economist has advocated." - The Nation
"'The institute will be dedicated to economic development through free-markets and will promote sound policy ideas compatible with a free society in Sri Lanka,' Wickramaratne said at the launch of Advocata Institute, a new independent policy think tank based in Colombo, and its report on SOEs." - The Island 
"It is worth taking a look at exactly how our SOEs have been performing over the years. The Advocata Institute., a recently established independent policy think tank, was kind enough to share with us its latest findings in this regard." -