“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Why Advocata Institute?

Sri Lanka needs rapid, market-oriented economic reforms to achieve the expectations of it's aspiring citizens.  We conduct research and engage policymakers, media and the general public to bring about key policy reforms that allows for the creation of wealth and bring about prosperity to Sri Lankans.  Bringing our work and ideas to key audiences in government, civil society, and from newsrooms to living rooms is an essential part of our focus.  Achieving this takes resources - resources we rely on our donors to provide.   

Generous organizations and individuals who share our commitment to independent policy analysis, economic freedom and free-markets support the Advocata Institute with financial contributions and intellectual engagement.  When you support Advocata, you will be supporting an independent non-partisan think tank.  An organization that operates like a start-up, brings in a results-oriented approach to policy advocacy and run by dedicated individuals, mostly voluntarily. Having started in May 2016, our work has already received mainstream attention. 

Donors support Advocata with both general support and project specific contributions that help us carryout our work.   Advocata Institute is registered as a non-profit Company Limited by Guarantee.  

How you can support Advocata Institute?

Annual Subscription

Annual Subscribers are the backbone of Advocata. Subscribers provide us to grow the institutional capacity of the organization, and grow our research staff.   All subscribers would receive detailed accounts and first-priority for Advocata events, publications and briefs.  Annual subscriptions for 2019 are set at 100,000 LKR ($570 USD). 

Capital Donations

Having started operations in the May of 2016,  Advocata is still in the process of investing in essential equipment and hiring key staff members. One-off capital donations of 50,000 LKR ($290 USD) or more would go along way in helping us make these initial investments. 

Event Sponsorships

Our events have earned a reputation for drawing large crowds, so far not seen in the intellectual landscape in Sri Lanka. All of our public lectures are free and events of this scale requires significant financial investment.  Becoming an event sponsor allows your brand or product to access a market of at least 200 individuals on event day, and reach thousands more on digital distribution.  All of our events are widely covered in the mainstream press, that's bound to increase sponsor visibility. 

Project-specific Contributions

Your donations for specific projects help us execute the projects in 2019 and beyond.   Following are some of the projects we have in the pipeline for 2019.

  • The State of State Enterprises Report (February 2019)

  • Cost of Construction Study (April 2019)

  • A study and advocacy campaign on the taxes on Sanitary Napkins (July 2019)

  • A study on Taxes on Food and Cost of Living (August 2017)

Your Expertise and Time

If you support our vision for a freer and more prosperous Sri Lanka and feel like you can contribute in some other way.  Please contact us on info@advocata.org.


"Advocata has created a much-needed platform for discussion on issues of economic freedom, progress, and prosperity in Sri Lanka. Advocata is becoming an influential convenor, and already making headway in shaping opinions on economic issues that matter for all our citizens."

-- Anushka Wijesinha, Chief Economist – Ceylon Chamber of Commerce


"Sri Lanka has long needed a forum for thinking about and advocating limited government and free markets for a free society. That is what Advocata does. It brings together the young, dynamic and aspiring who think and act against the grain, for a better Sri Lanka that serves all its citizens, not just a small insider elite. That marks it out from other think tanks in Sri Lanka. Advocata is an idea whose time has come."

-- Prof. Razeen Sally , Associate Professor, National University of Singapore and Chairman - IPS.